Painless Hair Removal




Combining Hair Removal + Skin Rejuvenation


Pulse Technology + Advanced Cooling


Latest Portable Design


The battery is removable and replaceable


Touch Screen


Improves and Rejuvenates Skin



Beauty&personal CareDevice

                 (OEM/ODM )

Mission:Make Beauty Easier at Anytime Anywhere

Vision:To be partner for all globalcustomers

Value:Customers first &teamwork &standard


"Why choose Ulike?"

ULK started research from Sep.1st to Oct.25th, which topic is "Why choose Ulike as your partner?"Thanks for the support of Ulike VIP Club customers/menbers, we received 36+ videos, based on their true felling toward cooperation with Ulike.

After getting the authorization, Ulike selected 4 representative CEO/PM videos to show.

Now, enjoy!